• Prayer for peace

    Scientific studies have shown that a „felt“ prayer is much more effective than a spoken prayer. If we feel peace in ourselves or develop a sense of what a peaceful world feels like, that „vibration“ would also manifest more and more externally. It showed that violence and struggles promptly diminished in the presence of „peace-feeling“ people. Maybe the following poem will contribute a little bit to peace in our time… I publish it without copy right – if you want to „feel“ it, share it and send it around the world – feel free – I’d be delighted! Prayer for peace I feel peace in every time an room I…

  • Devil´s Den

    Through the valley of the standing stones a lovely young woman walked in the dusk when out of nowhere a creepy beggar appeared. It was the devil and for her love he would ask. When the devil claimed “Love me!” her whole world stood still., but beyond all horror and fear she heard a voice deep within: “Look at him with eyes of mercy, look at him and see his light. He is a creature of the Highest ducked away in endless night.” He once volunteered to be the traitor. He chose to be the cast away. That makes his mission even greater, show him gratitude and pray. She looked…

  • Vision of peace

    If we could all come to a vision of humanity and grace we would imprint this inspiration and make the world a better place. If we would listen to our hearts and would believe in our dreams we would go and make a difference and nothing stays as what it seems. Every soul aspires harmony and love if we only could imagine and believe in that creative power at our hands we could help to solve the hatred and the grief. We still can alter our course for peace and healing of the Earth when we meet with our visions the darkest night leads to rebirth. So let’s join hands…

  • Inner Harp

    My inner harp sings me an air it vibrates with every tone that you share. It hums and quivers and tells me its story and every chord frees a sense of glory. It wells up in me pervades me with being I’m helplessly devoted to its power of singing. I deeply sense how with a breath of our wings we touch in spirit and caress our strings. We both surrender to this sweet melody that dies out and rejoins us in harmony.

  • Bard’s Song

    Do you remember… how we secretly met as joyfull mistrels at nightly crossstones and wishing wells? In the moonshine we sang and spoke with the oak no tone was lost and no heart was broke. Lying down in fairies‘ fern you held my hand a while you gazed at me and softly said „Your inmost song am I“. And though a hundred years have passed I still can feel the air. It echoes through each cell of mine and I will find you there.

  • A Celtic Song

    A celtic song – sets out for the seaclear as the morning dew.It seeks and it finds the only heartthat waits and is calling you. A celtic song – weaves through billows and wind. It hovers and keeps up its faith, sails forth and back on the wings of the night in the Hope for an answer of Grace. A celtic song – follows the moon and the sun a mystery out on the sea. It listens well to the angel’s call and sways through the storm to me. A celtic song – dives into roaring waves. It confides and looses all fright. It finds its calling and merges with…

  • Your Dream

    Your dream is a remembrance,a place so far and near, a spark of light behind the veils,a voice so soft and clear. A dream for your abidingto heal all pain and longing, conjure a smile and twinkling eyesand guiding your belonging. A dream of vast, green acres,where wind tells waves and seathat desert sand grows cedarswhen you chose love to be. A dream as home and dwelling, a refuge from all timeexpands your soul and consciousness into the arms of mine.

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