Prayer for peace

Scientific studies have shown that a „felt“ prayer is much more effective than a spoken prayer. If we feel peace in ourselves or develop a sense of what a peaceful world feels like, that „vibration“ would also manifest more and more externally. It showed that violence and struggles promptly diminished in the presence of „peace-feeling“ people. Maybe the following poem will contribute a little bit to peace in our time… I publish it without copy right – if you want to „feel“ it, share it and send it around the world – feel free – I’d be delighted!

Prayer for peace

I feel peace in every time an room I enter.
I see peace in everybody´s eyes
I am at peace with all the turns of life I chant peace with love, with hope and grace.

I am grateful for the abundance of creation
I give thanks for all the riches in my life
I give thanks for divine power and for guidance
that bring fulfilment as I strive.

I believe I’m always guarded
I trust that all my dreams come true
I’m strong in faith and in my visions
for every step is blessed by YOU.

I feel such love weaving softly through our world
A love so strong and full of light
A love for you and me and every being
It shines on me and makes life bright

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