Devil´s Den

Through the valley of the standing stones
a lovely young woman walked in the dusk
when out of nowhere a creepy beggar appeared.
It was the devil and for her love he would ask.

When the devil claimed “Love me!”
her whole world stood still.,
but beyond all horror and fear
she heard a voice deep within:

“Look at him with eyes of mercy,
look at him and see his light.
He is a creature of the Highest
ducked away in endless night.”

He once volunteered to be the traitor.
He chose to be the cast away.
That makes his mission even greater,
show him gratitude and pray.

She looked at him with eyes of mercy.
She looked at him and saw his light.
She saw a creature of the Highest
ducked away in endless night.

She laid her hand upon his heart
“You are a spark of the Divine
you and GOD can never part,
so you deserve the love of mine.

You chose to force all shadows into light.
You only mirror human fear.
You bring up wrong to make it right
and help to turn the gloomy clear.”

The devil surrendered and cried with joy
when he heard her words there and then
and by her gentle touch of compassion and love
he passed on to the light – that night at Devil’s Den.

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