Inspiration - the birth of an answer

The deeper we go inward, the higher we can reach out to the highest Divine. As inside, so outside. "Ask and it shall be given you!" The more clearly our innermost divine essence emerges, the more truly we pursue our heart's desires, and the more we live our requests with all the senses, the clearer and purer the answer of the Supreme will be. Either it comes to us on the outside as a literal manifestation of the longed-for, or it reaches us in its innermost form, in the form of inspiration.

Whatever they look like - our inner worlds and visions come to life in the outer world, and we have the choice of helping to shape our world, to create peace, and to sing harmony and love to life.

„The Imagination is not a state – it is the human existence itself“

„Die Imagination ist kein Zustand – sie ist die menschliche Existenz selbst“

(William Blake)

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