Imagination - a visionary prayer

When we are ready to immerse ourselves in the depths of our unconscious, to move through light and shadow to eventually become aware of our true soul, we enter a diverse world of images and symbols.

Our soul speaks to us through these images and symbols and tells us what it needs. At the beginning of our wandering, she will confront us with images that have been imprinted on us through our parents, our family system, our ancestors, accepted beliefs, as well as our own potentially traumatic experiences.

"An inner situation that one is not yet aware of emerges as fate on the outside."

(C. G. Jung)

Here, too, it is important to "see behind these images", to go further and not to give up. If one progresses courageously, these images will at some point be recognizable as illusions, as conceits, they will dissolve and give room to new truths.

With each step forward we experience clarification, healing and consciousness development. With each step negative thinking will become easier to transform into positive. Fear will eventually give way to the self-reliant creative power that is placed in us. We are no longer beset by old pictures, but begin to develop our own new visions.

We will find a new form of prayer. A prayer carried by the vision of our true soul, inner images of creation that unfold spontaneously and that we visualize. We become, as it were, our prayer, our creation, the “I AM”.

„For the Celtic Imagination the focus was more on the experience as participation in something more ultimate than one’s needs, projection or ego: it was the sacred arena in which the individual entered in contact with the eternal… The imagination offers revelation. The imagination reveals truth in such way that we can receive and integrate it… The imagination offers wholesomeness: heart and head, feeling and thought come into balance.”

(„Divine Beauty – The Invisible Embrace“, John O’Donohue)

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